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Archer: eVTOL

Designing a commercially viable urban air transportation

The way we live, work and think will dramatically change through the way we move around. The future of electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles is closer than we think.

20160602 iSmartAlarm_Concept2_Perspectiv

iSmartAlarm: Home Security Camera

Making homes safer and smarter for every family

Our team executed a variety design proposals to create a product identity for the fast growing brand and deliver a simple DIY experience for everyday consumers.

Air Purifier_10.jpg

LAVO: Air Purifier

Bringing fresher air and oxygen into homes

The challenge was to design an air purifier that is easy to mount on walls and make maintenance easier for consumers and technicians in the Chinese market.


Alibaba : Future Hotel Ecosystem

Designing the future of self-serviced hotel experiences

At Alibaba, we worked to create a systems design of the future of self-serviced hotel experiences through artificial intelligence and emerging digital technologies


iHealth: Blood Pressure Monitor

Building clarity and understanding in everyday personal healthcare

In close collaboration with iHealth, we developed a data-driven product that allows users to clearly understand their health conditions and trends.


Alibaba : Online Retail Experience

Bringing artificial intelligence closer to our everyday lives.

In this project, we worked on bringing 'TMALL Genius', Alibaba's artificial intelligence, closer to people in their everyday lives.  


Solo: Video Production Headset

Simplifying the creation of high quality video content for small businesses

Hands free video production system for solo online content creators to be in the moment, reduce post-production time and create manageable channel of income

Uber Elevate_Image1.jpg

UBER Air Experience

Envisioning the future of

on-demand urban air travel

In a multidisciplinary team, we collaborated with UBER Elevate to envision how user-centered experience 0f on-demand urban air transportation might look like in the future.


Neighborly : Attentive Care Service

Providing a peace of mind and sense of assurance for families living apart

Integrated service that allows adult children to feel attentive by giving a hand remotely to aging parents by connecting them with local college students.



Future implications and viable opportunities of Self-Driving Technology

Envisioning design and business opportunities 10-30 years out in the future when more work force move to cities, partial level 5 autonomous driving technologies become accessible, and everything is connected.


ChitChat: Teledining Table

Rethinking about the ways we connect and communicate

Communications interface utilizing technologies available today for families and friends living apart to build interactions that are focused on conversations.


Vanquish: Oakley FPV Headset

Strategic brand transformation proposal to help Oakley grow

Future market opportunities for Oakley to acquire new customer segments in the emerging VR market through delivering extraordinary sports experiences.


Ingrey Space: Meditation Cushion

Nothing is ever black and white.

Everything is in grey.

Our society has become a melting pot of radical opinions, points of view and unsustainable lifestyles. Large group of people are exhausted seeking for change and alternative ways to live.


OLi: Home Speaker

Reshaping technology to focus on the things that are important in life

OLi is a collection of speakers that iterates sound technologies as furniture and objects. By reducing the space that technologies take up on our tables, the collection allows people to focus on things that are important.


Yolo mouse

Who likes a sweaty mouse?

Yolo is a mouse for those who are working and sweating to create change. The top cover reduces physical touch points on the hand and provides air circulation to stop sweating.

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