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For Family and Friends to Stay Connected to Maintain a Sense of Community and Belonging

Emergence of smartphones and technological advancements in the past decade have allowed family and friends to stay connected more closely in clear than ever. However there seems to be something missing.

Today, food is no longer a matter about survival or power

Sharing food relates to the status and identity with which we distinguish ourselves from others and at the same time gives us the sense of community and belonging we seek.


Understanding today's trends to forecast future possibilities

Understanding Today's Trends


Forecasting Future Possibilities



Young professionals are scoping for jobs globally

Job searching is no longer focused in a city or country but at a global scale due to job polarization and segmentation through economic developments. Today, young adults are working away from home more than ever and desire to work internationally.


Millennials and baby boomers are having meals alone more than ever

Young professionals are chased by busy lifestyle and schedule, consuming quick finger and fast food more than ever. Baby boomers and silent generations are aging and spending time alone.


Social Network & Communication Platforms are Diversify Services

Large social networks and communication platforms are diversifying their compatibility with other convenience services to offer an ecosystem that encompasses many parts of our lives.


Technologies available today to facilitate interactions that are focused on people

Utilizing technologies available to provide feasible and affordable way for family and friends to stay connected and form humanistic interactions by having food together.


Lifespan of furniture and electronics are significantly different

Lifespan of furniture are significantly longer than of electronic or technology oriented products. I wanted to respond to this  by incorporating detachable and modular components and parts to consider for the differences.

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Long Distance Relationships

Long-distance couples to connect and share lives together while sharing meals together.

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Grandparents & Grandchildren

For many families, grandparents and grandchildren live apart from each other. Interaction with grandchildren is healthy for aging parents.


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To stay in touch and get back with friends to share stories over a cup of coffee while living their individual busy lives away from each other.


Extending lifespan of materials by using DenimX Plastic

Discarded jeans or textiles presents very small value to the fashion industry and goes directly to the landfill. in 2012, a Dutch designer Marc Meijers discovered a way to up-cycle and length the lifespan of these materials to variety of indoor and outdoor applications. DenimX is a versatile material that makes it possible to meet various requirements for production. 

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