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Imagining how we might interact in digital environments in the future

In digital networks today, we organize and interact with our friends in ways that doesn't seem to deliver enough meaningful depth nor meaning at a personal level. Through this project, I wanted to explore potentials of creating a more meaningful way of interacting in digital networks by bringing physical into digital through VR and photogrammetry technologies.

Organizing 2 dimensional information into space

How do we meaningfully reorganize our contacts from an alphabetical order in 2 dimensions into a 3 dimensional space? And how do we add humanistic interactions into a virtual reality?


Photogrammetry: Bringing physical into virtual reality

Photogrammetry was used to bring physical objects into the virtual world. The technique analyzes number of quickly scanned images to measure and compare distances of points, lines and planes in the scanned images to compute into 3 dimensional models. The scanning can be done simply using a smartphone by taking images or videos around an object. 


Variable in which we consider digital relationships

With this project I wanted to explore how I could translate real human relationships and interaction from a physical world into a digital space and focused on 3 main ideas; depth, significance and distance of relationships.



More time one spends with another, the person becomes a bigger and more significant part of ones life and vice versa.



People share different depth of relationships with different people depending on intangible variables. One might be comfortable doing anything with a certain person but only comfortable with having a cup of coffee with someone else.



Relationships distant apart without as time passes and gets closer again through interaction.

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