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Envisioning the future of urban air mobility

UBER Elevate is on a mission to bring urban air mobility and transportation to our everyday lives. It aims to bring industry partners together to create a network of transportations and infrastructures to offer new ways of commuting and moving around urban cities. In 2017, UBER Elevate partnered with graduate students at Art Center College of Design to envision how this future and user experience might look like.

On December 2020, Joby Aviation acquired UBER Elevate and expanded it's partnership with a $75M investment from Uber. 


Envision, design and illustrate the future of on-demand urbban air transportation from end to end.


eVTOL exterior and interior design / Skyport and transportation system design / User journey map / Mobile app key moments


Invitation as guest speaker at UBER Elevate Summit 2018 / Vision and work shared across UBER Elevate and it's partners to build momentum and foster innovation.


Catherina Han / Atria Azarmi / Kiran Jesudasan


Winter 2017

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