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Ingrey Space is an awareness training tool to help us navigate in a melting pot of radical opinions.

Ingrey is a collective of awareness seekers, thinkers, designers and makers. As a collective, we want to offer and propose a different lifestyle for those who are exhausted from the noise and want to make the time to breathe; inside. Nothing ever is or has to be one or the other; everything is in grey. We must dig deeper.

Wellbeing is no longer just about the food we eat, exercises we do or the sleep we get. Today, we are constantly chased by time, under pressure and unsure how to move forward. We believe our values have drastically changed and the world is changing faster than ever before. Our society has become a melting pot of radical perspectives, unsustainable lifestyles and seeking for alternative ways to live. 


Design a on the go zafu/meditation cushion that can be easily carried or stored.


A Zafu/meditation cushion


Designed, made and sold 20 meditation cushions to IDEO / fostered meditation and mindfulness community + weekly meditation session at IDEO.


Christian Ramsey, Savannah Kunovsky


Winter 2018

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