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Designing for small businesses to succeed in fluctuating markets

Snackpass help restaurants and stores offer premium customer experience, build loyalty audience, and increase sales through it's mobile ordering, kiosks, and all-in-one POS system. Snackpass has strategic partnerships with brands like Somi Somi, TP Tea, and Tiger Sugar to help them succeed in the digital era. 


Maximize the use of off-the-shelf parts and components to design a POS device that grows with businesses and adapts to fluctuating markets.



Next generation hardware design / Hardware UX across user journey / Value proposition / Design principles and user insights




Sejun Park / Robel Berhane / Jason Jo


Summer 2022 


Great ideas become great experiences through prototyping rapidly.

Building on teams diverse knowledge and experiences to generate ideas and concepts cross functionally is a leverage and helps us move quickly towards the right path. Building to think, making things real, rapidly putting ideas tangible at low fidelity to put in front of people helps us discover strengths and gaps in the concept. I believe in making things quickly - be it physical, digital or systems. This allows us to learn from experiences and real user interactions, not rely on on abstract theories.


Meeting users where they are to identify winning customer value proposition and uncover opportunity areas. 

Listening and observing is a key factor to driving the design towards the right path. Taking concepts directly into natural contexts where they are actually going to be used helps us facilitate dynamic conversations that uncovers latent needs, inspire new ideas and focus on end-users/individuals. These conversations provide an overview of the experiences of current offerings and uncover actionable insights that often create new value propositions and features that enhance user satisfaction and engagement. 


Defining key insights and incorporating value propositions into hardware features and experiences.

Building on the learnings and insights to create tangible and actionable hardware experiences that adds meaningful value to end users at different moments of user journey. These key features and design details tackle current frictions to enhance the overall user experience and address latent needs and desired discovered during our conversations.


Capturing overall design intent, integration of key product features and the application of CMF across touchpoints.


Industrial design intent communicates the overall form that encompasses the proposed features and the final surface treatments that supports the user experience.

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