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Quickly Learn and Build a Design that Works to Compete and Win

Formula-e project is designed to teach lessons in strategy, product development, science, engineering, design fabrication, branding and event planning. Students also learn about competition, working in teams, setting goals, and implementing plans that meet them. The vehicles are created with the latest computer design and rapid prototyping tools with advanced materials and mechanisms that rapidly accelerate them to speeds over 25mph .In addition to the design and fabrication of the vehicle, student teams will develop their team brand and design graphic collateral to promote their teams. Teams will also develop collaborative partnerships with local non-profit organizations.


Leveraging Each Other's Strengths

Our team took both collaborative and cooperative approach to utilize each other's strengths and maximize effectiveness and efficiency of our teamwork. Members took responsibility of a critical parts of the project to lead and maneuver through constant conversation, input and participation of other members of the team while building an integrated ownership as a whole.  

Joshua Han

Branding / Charity / Product Development

Graduate Industrial Design, ArtCenter

Remi Plewe

Product Development / Community Outreach / Charity

Graduate Industrial Design, ArtCenter

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Raul Reyes

Product Development / Charity

Graduate Industrial Design, ArtCenter

/ Visit

Theo Mandin

Branding / Charity / Product Development

Product Design, Pasadena City College

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Constant Cycle of Trial and Error 

Process and development was a big part of this project. All aspects of this project was a cycle of testing and improving our ideas step by step and constantly making incremental changes to improve from what we had. 


Building logical theories / prototypes


Understanding what didn't work


Learning from failure to make improvements


Fine-tune / make something that works



Building a Design that Works

As a core component of our project, we were able to bring some innovation to our car compared to the models seen in the past through constant trial and error to fine-tune our technologies and by practicing and learning how our product performs.

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Defining our Values, Personality and Brand

Conceptualizing and visualizing our brand was a long process of trying to understand the personalities of the individuals in our team, and the dynamics and culture that we form together as a team.

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Bonding with our Community

Connecting with our community was a big part of this project. We wanted to make this project not only relevant to/within our team but also to people around us. Our team approach this by thinking of how our project could positively impact a small part of people's life of those who are in need. 

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Social Outreach

Documenting and Sharing our Journey

Process and development was a big part of this project. All aspects of this project was a cycle of testing and improving our ideas step by step and constantly making incremental changes to improve from what we had. 

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Race Day!

Operating and functioning as a successful team

A team is like a machine with different cogwheels that work together to operate as a whole. On the race day, it was critical for each of the members to understand and effectively perform on his roles to operate and function as a team. Different drivers raced on different tracks depending on records and performance, different members focused on different parts of the project depending on skill sets and motivation, and different people focused on different parts of managing the team depending on competencies.


Award We Won :

Best in Show

Formula E 2017, ArtCenter College of Design

Gensler Innovation Award


Eckles Best Design Award

Eckles, ArtCenter College of Design


Trip to China

Interacting with the world

After being recognized as a team that performed well in the 2017 Formula-E competition, our team was invited by multiple universities in China as guest speakers to introduce and share our experiences on how we approached and tackled this project. During our talks, we talked to the peer students about 4 main components of the project; product, brand, community and public awareness. 

Universities we Visit in China :


Beijing University of Technology

Beijing Technology and Business University

Beijing National Day School

The Affiliated High School of Peking University


Tianjin Beiyang University


Shanghai Jiaotong University



Sharing our experience and excitement

After sharing our experiences and introducing how we went about tackling the challenges we had a conversational dialogue with the students participating in the Formula-E, China to spark questions, discuss and share ideas to escalate excitements for the next Formula E, China participants. 


More than a project

Creating invaluable memories with the team and friends

Through this extraordinary project, I was able to build invaluable memories and experiences with the team going through various challenges, obstacles and fun that the project posed us with.

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