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Shared shopping and cooking experience for people living apart

Thesis: Shared Experience

How can we integrate digital and hardware products to design a tangible experience to address the needs and concerns people have while living apart, and facilitate a way to people’s lives easier?


Designing the future of self-serviced hotel experiences

Alibaba : Future Hotel Ecosystem

At Alibaba, we worked to create a systems design of the future of self-serviced hotel experiences through artificial intelligence and emerging digital technologies

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Bringing clean air

into homes

LAVO: Air Purifier

Air quality is a big issue in major cities in China. In a multidisciplinary team, we designed a new system of wall mounted air purifier that is easy to install and maintain for bot consumers and technicians. 


Quickly learn and build 

something that works to compete and win

FASTish: ArtCenter Formula-E 2017

Leveraging each other's strengths to create successful results. Formula-e project is designed to teach lessons in strategy, product development, science, engineering, design fabrication, branding and event planning.

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Exploring how our contact list might look like in the future

Circle: Virtual Contact List

How would 2 dimensional information be translated into 3 dimensions in the future? With this project, I wanted to explore how human relationships can be represented in 3D spaces.


Clean and functional medical products for the European market

Medical Products & Machines

At Wilddesign, we worked closely with major European medical firms to come up with functional and reliable product design solutions. Major responsibilities were to lead the projects through research, concept ideation and development phases.


"It should expressing and define who I am; not what I am."


Aging population is a concerning issue in many East Asian countries today and many patients and wheelchair users develop secondary disabilities or illnesses while living on the wheelchair. 


Peace of mind service for adult child living away from aging parents

Neighborly : Attentive Care Service

Today, millions of American baby boomers are aging alone; this project encompasses how we can utilize digital technologies to create a system that allows adult children to be attentive to their aging parents while living apart.

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Envisioning the future of on-demand air travel for Uber Air

UBER Air Experience

In a multidisciplinary team of 4, we collaborated with UBER Air to envision how on-demand air transportation experience might look and feel like in the future from the user point of view.


Making everyday personal healthcare clear and informative

iHealth: Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitors available in the market today can be difficult to use for many consumers. With iHealth, we developed a data-driven product that allows users to clearly understand information and their health conditions.


Delivering immersive experience through vision and sound

Vanquish: Oakley FPV Headset

Future market opportunities for Oakley to acquire new customer segments in the emerging VR market through delivering extraordinary sports experiences.


Sharing ironic moments in life to trigger thoughts and conversations

Runaway: MoMA Gift Items

We are living in a very fast-paced and regulated world of expectations that influence us to forget about our desires and motivations. The Runaway gift item represent ironic parts of our life that triggers thoughts to question ourselves.


Responding to shifting demographics in East Asia

Universal ATM

In an educational partnership with Chungho Comnet, our team worked closely with the company to deliver a hardware and UI design solution to respond to the fast aging population across markets East Asia.


Highest suicide rate in the world; what is going on?


Ability to freely walk is one of the most basic needs to be human. This project is a method to give assistance to seniors to maintain mobile and independent lives to sustain quality of life.


Young professionals to maintain a sense of belonging and community

ChitChat: Teledining Table

Today, job search is no longer focused in a city or a country but at a global scale. How do we utilize the technologies available today to connect people and allow them to maintain a sense of belonging while maximizing their career opportunities?


Focusing on the things that are important in life

OLi: Home Speaker

Minimizing interaction with technology to

allow us to focus more on relationships, interactions and life rather than the product itself.

20160602 iSmartAlarm_Concept2_Perspectiv

Simple and smart home security no matter where you are

iSmartAlarm: Home Security Camera

In this project our team worked to execute design concepts to create a product identity for the growing brand and create a simple and easy to install DIY experience.

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Bringing clean air

into homes

Ivy: Home Speaker

Rather than choosing from offerings provided, what if consumers can participate in designing and shaping the product they are purchasing that represent their lifestyles and requirements?

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Understanding retirement to gain insights and opportunities 

Retirement: Qualitative Research

Retirement is a significant transition people go through in their lives and it is also a beginning of second part of life. I wanted to understand the desires and concern of people in this stage of life to gain insights to find design and business opportunities.


To provide access to medical care  anywhere in need 

UltraKit: Portable Ultrasound

UltraKit is designed to increase the mobility of ultrasound technologies to reach rural parts of the world and provide access to medical care for those who are in need.


Studying hand forms and grip to understand ergonomics

Cane Handle

What are the factors that makes our hands feel stable and comfortable when we are holding onto things? How can we minimize strength and maximize grip? Will it be possible to create an universal form that satisfies these questions?


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