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iHealth is a sub-brand of Andon Healthcare headquartered in Tianjin, China that manufactures variety of healthcare products for both domestic and international markets. It has offices both in Europe and North America that uses the iHealth brand for western markets and the Andon brand for the Chinese market. Since they are selling different products for different markets, our task for this project was to design a family of blood pressure monitor that can intergrate the two very different brands focusing on the Chinese market. Throughout this project we worked closely with Andon, users and design researchers to deliver a successful design solution.


iHealth /Website


Alex Ma /Project manager

Aiden Jeong /Intern


Develop an easy-to-use and cost effective design solution to integrate domestic and international product lines.


- Lead a product team to develop realizable product design concepts

- Work with research team to gain insights and understanding of consumers

- Work closely with client and engineers to push project forward



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