Melting pot of radical opinions.

Well-being is no longer just about the food you eat, exercise you do or the sleep you get. It has broadened into psychological and emotional aspects of people's lives; the attitude, mental state and emotional space. 

Today, we are constantly chased by time, put under pressure and stressed. It's hard to say if the world have become more challenging compared to our previous generations; they are relative. But we are certain that our values have changed drastically and the world is more open and changing faster than ever before. It's tough to keep up.


Our society has become a melting pot of radical opinions, points of view and unsustainable lifestyles. Large group of people are exhausted seeking for change and alternative ways to live.

Seeking for a different way to live.

In fall 2018, I had an opportunity to participate in a one-day meditation session at the Zen Center in the heart of San Francisco.


The session ran from 5AM to 6PM on a Saturday with a group of about 30 people. A 13-hour meditation is not like a 20-minute meditation or a hour yoga session; it is no joke. It needs a significant commitment or a strong drive to decide to be part of it. 

The group was diverse but I couldn't stop noticing that the majority of the people were young adults who seemed to have no idea what was going on. The methods, rituals, passages or the reasons. They were all beginners like myself who made the commitment to be there.

And I thought to myself, "that's a market." 

Nothing in black and white.

Everything is in grey.

We want to offer and propose a different lifestyle for those who are exhausted to step aside from the noise and make some time to breathe; in the head.

Nothing is ever or has to be one or the other; it all depends on how you look at it. Step aside, pause and breathe. This isn't a remedy or a solution to solve all your problems but to help you breathe and reconsider. 

Ingrey Space is an awareness training tool.

In order to step back, we have to understand ourselves and the world at a much deeper level. Beyond right and wrong and the resulting polarization that stems from surface-level understanding and afflicts our modern world.


We must dig deeper.


work in progress