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Sharing Ironic Part of our lives to trigger thoughts and conversations

MoMA is a museum that collects and exhibits artworks that are significant in the modern world. MoMA's collections are considered to be one of the most influential and offers an overview of modern and contemporary artworks. At MoMA Design Store it exemplifies good design products or objects that highlights and represents trends around the world today.


Today, we are living in a fast-paced and stressful societal system where we are required to constantly work and compete to grow and improve our lives. Homes and possessions are becoming smaller and smaller and our wallets and becoming thinner and thinner. In consideration that most MoMA products are purchased as gifts, an ideal price range is $50-150 and since recipient are young adults gifts needs to be functional yet meaningful.


We live in a very systematized and regulated world of expectations that influence us to forget our desires and motivations. We all have desires and dreams that contrast to our everyday lives and yet we are incompetent to narrow down the gap between our desires and reality; when we are the ones who is in full control of our lives. The 'Escape' series is a collection of everyday objects that trigger thoughts and capture ironic moments that passes by unnoticed in our daily lives.

Clock Main.jpg

Running Out

Time is a notion of speed that pressures us everyday. Time is an ever-existing/lasting element but yet we always feel like it's running out.



Nature allows us to stop and collect our thoughts and emotions that brings a brief pause in our lives. We escape from our reality into calmness; creating a contrast between we can't diminish.

piggy bank.jpg


We push ourselves to grow and gain more to enhance our lives and yet we are more and more pressured and constantly search for what we are missing in our lives; greed seems fill up rather than contentedness.


Awarded as one of top 3 projects

The 'Runaway' project has been awarded and recognized as one of the top three projects by professionals and industry leaders from Continuum, Samsung America and Booq.

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