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Peace of mind service for adult children living away from aging parents.

Today, 8% of the world population are 65 or older, and over 15% of the entire American population are elders. Many adults children; sandwich generation, are living distant from aging parents for better job opportunities and to provide and offer his/her own family with better quality of life. On the other hand, aging parents want to age at home where they lack other people's attention and help. There is a need and desire for busy adult children to be attentive and provide care for their aging parents while living away and busy supporting his/her own family at the same time.

Opportunity & Project Framing

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Joshua Han / Graduate Industrial Design

User Experience Design

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Joshua Han / Graduate Industrial Design

Mobile Application Design

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Product/Industrial Design

Joshua Han / Graduate Industrial Design

Service value

Know that you're giving a hand.

Neighborly is a service for adult children who are living away from aging parents and who needs to provide care/support for his or her own children and family, and desires to be attentive/supportive to his or her aging parents who are living away.  


by 2027, 1 in 5 people in the United States will be 65 or older which is equivalent to 65 million people just in the US and 850 million worldwide.


Today, almost all elders who are 65 or above prefers to stay home even if they require support.

How it works

Connecting people with different needs and desires to create a solution.

The service works by connecting adult child with college students who are local to his/her parent live to provide a hand. College students are hands and feet for the adult children who wants to be attentive and provide a hand while living away. The service allows college students to accomplish simple tasks for aging parents through adults children's request. 


Adult Children

Adult children are living busy lives away from aging parents in cities to fulfill his/her career or family responsibilities and obligations. Many of them are sandwich generations where they need to be caring for both his/her own family and parents, and want to be an attentive child to his/her aging parents.

hands & feet

College Students

College students desire side income and flexible work hours to attend class and fulfill his/her educational duties. This group will allow Neighborly to access affordable workforce and labor, and also reduce the cost of background checks by leveraging filters that institutions have already installed.  



Aging Parents

Dealing with things that require physical labor become more challenging and tiring. Taking out trash bins to the street every week, carrying back heavy groceries like water or rice, moving furniture or heavy objects, or even dealing with technology. Getting a hand to accomplish tasks like these would help a lot.



"There are differences between digital and analogue experiences and they both have their places."


digital experience

Mobile Application

Mobile application allows adult children to connect, post requests and tasks, and communicate with college students anywhere at any time. When a task is accepted a specific QR code is sent to and received by the college student to complete the specific task. Throughout the job process, all parties can view the details and progress.


analogue experience

Front desk

Imagine a front desk or a reception desk at a hotel lobby that manages what is going on. The hardware product is that front desk at service receiver's home. The product provides a stronger sense of assurance, certainty and reliability for the adult child who are living away by incorporating a physical touch point, and a kind and assertive notification for service receiver(aging parents).

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Request & accomplish

Satisfying the fundamental function of requesting task and accepting task to be accomplished.


Privacy and clarity

Maintaining privacy of loved ones and providing clarity to person who is on-the-go to accomplishing the task.


In the loop

Keeping all parties in the loop during the process and only notifying when the task in complete.


Physical product

Adding a physical layer of assurance

There is value that a physical product can add to this solution that a mobile app can't; it is a sense of assurance. The presence of a physical product allows people around different parts of the world to have clear and exact touch points of service.

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