Design and Product


Business Viability

User Desirability 

Technological Feasibility

Who are we designing for?

Leveraging Weekend Sports Enthusiasts as Initial Customer Segment

Understanding who is in the market and how they are positioning themselves in the first step to figuring out how to differentiate yourself. Analyzing the competition, figuring out where there are opportunities and planning how to position yourself is key in the initial design phases to set design directions and strategy.

Visual Brand Language

How do we make Oakley more approachable to consumers?

How do consumers perceive Oakley today? How should the consumers feel or understand about the brand in the future? What kind of Visual Brand Language is needed to deliver Oakley to where they need to be positioned? These were some of the questions asked during the development and establishment of future possibilites of Oakley.

Concept Development

Simplifying Oakley's language to apply to mass consumer electronics industry

The visualization phase focuses on visualizing and conceptualizing look and feel of the product to support the strategies and VBL established in the previous stages. Various concepts and ideas were developed in parallel to figure out what is the most suitable solution for this product.

Design Strategy

Visual Brand Language

Due to its strong masculine design language, many are reluctant to purchase Oakley's products; Vanquish 1.0 is designed mass consumer friendly to attract mass consumer groups. Vanquish design language will shift and merge back strongly with Oakley's VBL as consumers are familiarized with the brand.


Vanquish 2.0

Vanquish 1.0

Not Oakley




No Sequence



East Going


Straight Forward


Design Strategy

CMF Strategy

Oakley has a very masculine brand image and majority of Oakley's customers groups are centered around young male population. By providing different color variations may attract more consumers from different age and gender and offer different price points and target different market segments and customers.

Variation 1

Variation 2

Variation 3

CMF Concept Direction 1

CMF Concept Direction 2

CMF Concept Direction 3

Design Strategy

Product Customization

Exchangeable parts and features can be used to offer different materials, colors and sizes to optimize personal customization and be inclusive to different facial features and ergonomics.


Awarded as Top 3 Project

The presentation covered the basis of market projection, branding positioning, approach method, design strategy and product design and was delivered in a sequence of what can we do now to prepare for near future market and what can we do in the future as a next step.



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