OLi Home

OLi Home is a speaker designed to provide enhanced sound experience by projecting and directing sound from an optimal height and location in a home and surrounding

Furniture that is a part of your home

Why do products have to stand out, be techy and cold? I wanted to create a speaker that is like a furniture inside a home that blends in with the environment. By using soft materials like fabric and wood, the design focuses on blending in with other furniture inside homes.

The only interface on the speaker is a nostalgic pull switch to turn on/off the speaker and connect to smartphones keep the experience simple and to the bare minimum.

Less interface, more experience

Focus on the things that are important

Quiet design to allow us to focus more on relationships, interactions and life rather than the product itself.

/steel reinforcement

/cable channel

/head rotation

/direct sound

/amplify low frequency

/pull down power switch

/air channel

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