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Human-centered design approach to uncover insights and design opportunities

Qualitative and ethnographic research methodology was used to understand the values, concerns and desires of addressable customers to gain insights and opportunities for the idea and concept.


"I do this to build my brand and online presence to tell people what I do and enjoy" 

/austin patry

Dallas based entrepreneur/founder/vlogger on YouTube and Instagram who shares 2-3 minutes long videos covering stories behind entrepreneurs, startups, companies and cryptocurrencies.

YouTube /1K subscribers

Instagram /11.8K followers


"I make vlogs to document and share my travels and share my experiences." 

/yoyo wu

Los Angeles based UCLA student/vlogger on YouTube and Instagram who shares content around traveling and destinations around the world.

YouTube /2K subscribers

Instagram /2K followers


"I host my channel, DDR to share comical daily routines of a rapper, Don Mills."   

/guns lee

Seoul based video producer/vlogger on YouTube and Instagram who shares content around music and daily routines of artists and musicians.


YouTube /43K subscribers

Instagram /2K followers


Conducting qualitative research through generative tools to uncover values, needs/desires and concerns

Generative tools are used to naturally form and allow users to lead conversations from their personal experience and point of view. The objective of this research/interviews were to understand the values, desires and concerns of the users by utilizing laddering techniques to uncover and dig deeper into the core of their message (sample size: 24).


/dixit cards

"This about your past and how things are now."


/trade-off exercise

"Imagine your life 5 years in future."

solo_image pile.jpg

/image pile sort

"Organize and categorize the images and talk to me."


Discovering insights that lead to design opportunities

Forming diagrams and gathering findings and finding patterns and common themes by answering ethnographic questions to understand user's value criteria, experience journey, and challenges.


/it's not about being physically together

/sharing experience and memories key to maintaining relationships

/different members in the family have different/designated responsibilities and duties

/being a dutiful child is keeping the family up to date on his/her life

/responsibility as a child is finding what he/she enjoys and working towards it

solo_steep analysis.jpg

Trends that lead to viable opportunities 

Observing and studying trends/changes in quantity and frequency over a period of time to understand the overall scope of global landscape that lead to viable design/business opportunities.

Forecasting what the future might be like

Forecasting and making educated guesses on what might happen in the future when trends becomes a common thing in people's daily lives and creating future scenarios to predict what might happen 5 years later, 10 years later and 15.


Opportunity 1

/shared shopping and cooking experience for mothers and children living apart


Opportunity 2

/personalized gifting experience for families and friends living apart


Opportunity 3

/remote co-living through each other's lens

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