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Envisioning the future of on-demand urban

air transportation

UBER Air aims to have it's first on-demand air travel demonstration to the public in year 2020. In a multidisciplinary team of 4 of interaction design, graduate transportation system design and graduate industrial design students, we were challenged to envisioned the future of on-demand air travel and design a holistic system of eVTOL, Skyport and Mobile interface to deliver a safe, hassle-free and convenient experience for busy commuters in Dallas, Dubai and Los Angeles.

Atria Azarmi

Graduate Industrial Design

Research/Skyport Design

Catherina Han

Interaction Design

Mobile App Design

Joshua Han

Graduate Industrial Design

eVTOL/Skyport Design


Kiran Jesudasan

Graduate Transportation Systems Design

Traffic System Design

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/evtol exterior

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Uber Elevate_Image2.jpg


Assuring Passengers with Vehicle Battery Status

Making the charging status and battery life to passengers while boarding to assure them with vehicle safety


Color System

Using Colors to Quickly Locate Seats for Passengers 

Using one color throughout the trip to ease of locating individual's seats, cars and eVTOLs.


Convenience of Boarding

Passenger Safety and Convenience During Ingress and Egress 

Providing steps, doors as handrails and lighting ground for safe and easy ingress and egress

/evtol interior


Folding Seats

Utilizing Interior Space for Various Purposes

Folding seats to flexibly utilize restricted space and satisfy the needs for different purposes and cases.


Seat Layout

Designing for Individual and Group Travels

Staggered seat layout to increase personal and ergonomic space and to reduce awkward interactions with strangers.


Modular Components

Modular Parts for Product and Service Diversification

Taking advantage of modular systems to reduce maintenance and replacement cost and diversify service offerings.

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Digital Connectivity

Infrastructure Reaching Out to Assist Trips

How can infrastructures reach out to passengers to provide the information they need to transfer vehicles?

skyport 3.jpg


Modular System to Reduce Cost and Enhance Ease of Scaling

Utilizing modular ready-made construction parts to reduce construction period, cost and increase ease of scaling.


Safety and Convenience

Seamless Check-in Process and Fast Traffic Flow

Security check-in one of the most frustrating yet important process of checking in and also a bottleneck to seamless flow of passengers.

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Cover Page.jpg

Journey Overview

Flexible Trip Adjustment and Refinement

How do we allow users to flexibly adjust the trip details to their needs and embrace wide range of scenarios?

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Digestable Content

Right Amount of Information at the Right Time

Providing the right information at the right time is crucial to deliver cohesive and convenient brand experience.

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Mobile Entertainment for In-flight Experiences

30 minutes a day, 3 hours a week, 15 hours a week; time piles up and what kind of services can UBER provide for commuter to efficiently utilize their time?

/process coming soon
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