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Anywhere in Need.

UltraKit aims to increase the mobility of ultrasounds to outdoor environments or for travelling situations. Today, people must visit a medical facility for medical attention. However through this product, medical professionals and technologies may go help people in need outside of the medical facilities creating a different point of care and boundary-free product.


Insights gathered during internship at

Samsung Healthcare

During my internship at Samsung Healthcare, Southern China, I was assigned with clinical researchers from Samsung to go to both governmental and private hospitals in Southern China to advice and assist doctors with using Samsung's demo-machines. Our responsibilities were to assist doctors with the interface of Samsung's ultrasound Accuvix A30, to create positive brand image and organize a promotional event for marketing purposes. During the promotional event we succeeded in selling 6 Accuvix A30 at once; Samsung's premium ultrasound.

Hospital sights

People's Central Hospital

Zhejiang, China

Citic Hospital

Huizhou, China

Longhua Clinic

Boluo, China

Obstetric and Gynecology Hospital

Nanning, China

People's Hospital

Nanning, China

Workflow and Pattern

Through observation I noticed that doctors are stressed in most diagnosis due to interaction between him/herself and the product: Interface. There were 4 main factors and the main factors that I believe was the physical grouping of functions on the control board. Re-grouping physical interface of functions may increase the workflow and decrease the interactive friction between user and product.

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