Responding to Shifting Demographics in East Asia

Chungho Comnet, a major ATM manufacturer in Korea is responding to the aging population in Korea and East Asian markets and aims to improve the quality of life. The company wanted to develop a product that is inclusive and caters towards a wider range of population. In a team of 3, we developed and delivered product and user interface experience by incorporating universal design principles into our design.

Ethnographics Trend

Aging Population and Increase in Disabled Population

By the year 2026, 20% of the entire population will be over 60 years old and 1 economically active person will need be responsible for 1 senior in South Korea. The main causes are due to low birthrate resulted by economic pressure, low death-rate and increasing life expectancy through development. Through aging, many elders develop disabilities and roughly 50% of them leverage wheelchairs as mode of transportation.

Economic Trend

Increase in Job Competition and Urbanization

Today, 70% of the entire South Korean population reside in urban areas to seek for better job and educational opportunities. In major cities, competition, economic hardship and pressure has been constantly at a rise, and life has become busier than ever.

Social Trend

Change in Cultural and Traditional Norms 

It has been a cultural/traditional norm in the past for the eldest child in the family to take care of their aging parents; financially, physically and psychologically. However in the modern context, it has become difficult for adult children to do so. Large population of seniors are moving to suburbs and young adults are moving into cities.

Centralized Components

By lowering and centralizing components, wheelchair users will be able to reach them without difficulties and will increase intuitive usage for all users

Full Surface Glass 

This feature will decrease light distraction from the advertisement screen for visually impaired users and people will be able to see who is behind them during transactions through reflection from the glass.

Handrail for Wheelchair Users

Wheelchairs users will be able to pull themselves towards the ATM and not have to struggle getting into the right position.

Voice Assistance

Visually impaired users rely on earphones to use the ATMs but the location of the earphone plugs are not universal, so let's install a handset so that people won't have to bother look for the plug.

Grip for Senior to Lean

Elders lean on the control board during transactions. Embossing the edge will increase grip on the hands and feel more comfortable leaning on the machine.

Curved Surface

People have to go back to the first stage of transaction if they make a mistake on the screen. This will decrease touch mistakes or errors made by wrist or sleeves during usage.

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