Highest Suicide Rate of Seniors in OECD

South Korea has the highest suicide rate of senior citizens who are 50 or above in the OECD and is the fastest aging society in the world. Something is not going right. Today, 20% of the population are 50 or above and 85% of them are suffering from arthritis and 40% of them are going through emotional or psychological depression. The most concerning part is that 20% of the senior citizens are living alone. We need to help them and we must do it quickly and one of the measure i believe is to help them exercise and walk independently.

Walking Assistant to Maintain Quality of Life

Facilitating a way to allow seniors to freely walk and move by themselves will allow them be maintain satisfaction with life and might provide a way to bring down the suicide rates in the society. Seniors will be able to join and participate in communities and have more opportunities to interact with people around them rather than being in pain at home.

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