Wheelchair to prevent secondary pain and illness

Our societies are aging. In South Korea aging is a big problem. It is the fastest aging society in the world and more than 20% of the entire population will be 60 or above by the year 2026. As the population is growing older, disabled population is growing in numbers due to disabilities developed while ageing. Today, 50.4% of physically disabled people in Korea are on wheelchairs and I believe the numbers will increase. What's more concerning is that people develop other illnesses or pains on wheelchairs.

One Platform, Multiple Application


By having one platform and multiples of applications, users will have the freedom of choosing the perfect size and color for them. Through this system, users may also change the fabric of seat considering weather conditions and personal taste.

Personas and Stories

User's reliance and behavioral patterns on wheelchairs rely on their physiological, physical health and attitude. Stepping into their shoes help us think and understand the different needs, desires and concerns.

Apartments and Context

70% of the entire Korean population are living in cities and 50% of them are living in apartments. Therefore I believed it is critical to design wheelchairs suitable for apartment environments.

Narrow Entrance

Heavy Metal Door

( Pull to open )

Door Step

Small and usually

5~12cm high

Compact Kitchen

Interior & Cabinets



Qualitative data is collected having conversations with wheelchair users; both long-term and short-term.

Analyzing different category of activities

ust by sitting on a same spot for the whole day is tiring and stressful. Especially if you are depending on the wheelchair for moving yourself around. 



Sitting on wheelchairs for a long period of time is not suitable for human body and may develop secondary pain that may develop into other physical disabilities

Market Research & Product Offerings

There are 3 main types of wheelchairs. Manual, hybrid and electric and each has it's positive and negative aspects. Deciding which type to develop wasn't the point to develop in this project.

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