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I strive to create things that are simple and relevant by aligning human-centered design with viable opportunities to help businesses grow and transform.

저는 비즈니스가 성장하고 변화할 수 있도록 인간 중심 디자인과 미래 비즈니스 기회를 연계하여 간단하고 의미있는 경험을 만들기 위해 노력합니다.





Innovation and level of impact is measured by customer adoption and generated value. Human-centered strategic innovation strives to understand the underlying drivers that impact customer decisions, and take a system-level approach by balancing user desirability, business viability and technological feasibility to take a leap forward. To succeed, we must build empathy with customers and embrace business principles early on in the thinking process to navigate and design delightful and meaningful offerings that fit into the lives of people.



ArtCenter College of Design

MS in Industrial Design

Pasadena, California 

Peter F. Drucker School of Management

MBA in Innovation System Design

Claremont, California

Seoul National University of Science and Technology

1) BFA in Industrial Design

2) BFA in Fine Arts

Seoul, Korea

Rhode Island School of Design

Credits in Industrial Design and Architectural Design

Providence, Rhode Island

International School of Beijing

International Baccalaureate in Art, Math, Physics

Beijing, China

awards & recognition

University of Dundee / Guest Speaker / 2021

ArtCenter Scholarship / 2016-2018

Shanghai Jiaotong University / Guest Speaker / 2018

Yanko Design Publication / Solo / 2019

Yanko Design Publication / ChitChat / 2018

Yanko Design Publication / Oli / 2017

Reddot Design Awards Winner/ Oli / 2017

Designboom Publication / Oli / 2016

PINUP Design Awards Honor / UltraKit / 2014

LMU Incubator Competition Winner / LYTE Systems / 2014

Art Exhibition / Oil Painting / 2014

Mando Footloose Design Awards Recognition / Shop&Go / 2013

Art Exhibition / Oil Painting / 2012

Art Exhibition / Oil Painting / 2010

Art Exhibition / Oil Painting & Sculpture / 2008



San Francisco, United States

Alibaba Group

Hangzhou, China

FromD Innovation

Beijing, China

MADE Innovation

Beijing, China


Gelsenkirchen, Germany


Seoul, Korea

Samsung Electronics

Guangzhou, China



Please feel free to click on the link below to view of download my resume.

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PDF Portfolio

Please feel free to send me a message to access my PDF portfolio

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fine arts

Fine Arts is also another big part of my life. Please feel free to click below to view some of my previous works.

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